Gulden is a collaboration between experienced developers and an active community.

Together they are working on a user-friendly cryptocurrency with advanced technology and a focus on security.

Gulden Advisory Board

Annemieke Eggink
Bart Hulshof
Marc Slagter
Matthias Bentein
Paul Willen
Jaap Broeders
Robby Stofbergen
Onno Geenen

The Gulden Advisory Board is a group of 9 people, elected by the Gulden Community. It's role is to advise the Gulden developers on all matters that come to table and to act as a channel between developers and the community.


Rijk Plasman
Founder / UX Designer
Malcolm MacLeod
Lead Developer
Rits Plasman
Matthias Bentein
UX Designer

Gulden is developed by Centure B.V.

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