Why haven't I received my Gulden yet?

Your Gulden app must first synchronise with the Gulden network, which can be seen by means of the grey or blue charging bar just below the balance in the mobile app or at the bottom of the app on the desktop version. This may take a while for the first time, and only when this is completed will your Gulden be visible. In almost all of the cases, your Gulden will be sent directly to you at the time of purchase, sometimes when it's very busy this can be something delayed, usually 15 to 60 minutes. If the loading bar remains grey or there is no progress, you are behind a fire-wall that is too strict, such as work or a public space. On a mobile phone you can then switch to 4G.

What is the most important thing I need to know?

Write down your recovery phrase and keep it in a safe place. Your recovery phrase consists of 12 words and you will see it when you install it. Do not let anyone else see this phrase, because then he can do it with your Gulden. Without a recovery phrase, you can no longer reach your Gulden.

The value in my Gulden app is different from when I bought it

The value of Gulden is determined by supply and demand on the stock market. At this exchange your Gulden will also be purchased for you, but also sold if you want to sell. On the stock exchange, people are buying and selling through buy and sell orders. There is always a difference between these orders. When buying, the buy orders are taken into account, when selling, the sell orders. This is similar to other currencies, e. g. EUR - USD.

How can I sell my Gulden?

You can sell Gulden through the wallet. Below it is described for the mobile wallet/app: 1. Copy your IBAN in CAPITAL LETTERS and without spaces to your clipboard. 2. Open the Gulden app on your mobile 3. You will see your IBAN now under the payment address button 4. Press that button and enter an amount. (Minimum 2 euro) Do not fill in your entire balance. Something has to be left to pay the transaction costs (0.5% + €0.25).

Where can I pay with Gulden?

Check here an overview of Gulden acceptors: pay.gulden.com. All acceptors have been mapped here: guldenmap.com.

How do I connect my mobile Gulden app to my desktop Gulden app?

Click on 'Add account' in the desktop app, give it a name and click on 'Connect to your mobile Gulden app'. On your mobile Gulden app you choose for a link with mobile, to be found in your settings. You can then scan the QR code in your desktop app and wait until synchronization is complete. When this is done, your mobile account will be visible on both devices. You can then decide for yourself how many of your Gulden you want to put into this account, so that it is visible on both devices. Make sure that in all cases you keep the recovery phrase.

Where can I see the price of Gulden?

The price used in the app is the real time BIDS price of the Nocks.com exchange.